Six Saudi women seek help of law to get married: Report

The women allege that their father always turned down their suitors.

Dubai: Not being allowed to get married, six women in Saudi city of Medina have decided to file a lawsuit against their father, reports said on Monday.

The women, in their 30s, allege that their father always turned down their suitors claiming that there was no woman in his family to negotiate the marriage terms.

In their letter to Sultan Bin Zahem, chairman of the Advocacy Committee, the women alleged that their father has rejected many suitors even though they were pious men and of good conduct, Saudi Okaz reported.

The women demanded that they be given the authority to get married.

Bin Zahem said the women can file a lawsuit against their guardian and the judge will summon him to ask him why he has not allowed his daughters to get married.

If his reasons were not convincing, the judge would use his authority to approve their marriages to appropriate men.

The girls` complaint cannot be considered as disobedience of parents because they were demanding the right to their private social lives, the official was quoted as saying by the newspaper.


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