`Skincare products okay to use during Ramadan`

A religious edict however said the use of traditional eye liner should be avoided during Ramadan.

Dubai: All kinds of skin creams and lotions used externally do not amount to a violation of the fast during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, according to a religious edict issued in Dubai.

However, the use of kohl (traditional eye liner) should be avoided during Ramadan, as "it might reach the throat", the Gulf News reported citing the edict.

The religious edict issued by the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department said: "Using creams or lotions on the skin, whether they are absorbed through the skin or not, and whether they are for treatment, moisturising, beautification or any other purpose, do not break the fast. Unless something is swallowed by the fasting person, he or she would be able to continue their fast."

It said a flavour associated with a cream or lotion also does not affect the fast as long as a person does not swallow a product.

The same applies to other lotions used to beautify the face or applied to the skin, including henna.

There was nothing wrong in using them, "but make-up should be avoided if it is likely to arouse physical desire in others", it said.


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