Somalia`s Islamist rebels to intensify bombing cam

Police official Mohamed Abdi said security had been tightened in the anarchic city.

Mogadishu: Somalia`s al Qaeda-allied Shebab
rebels warned today they were stepping up a bombing campaign
in the war-torn capital Mogadishu; a day after a car bomb at a
police station wounded two.

Shebab spokesman Sheikh Abdulaziz Abu Musab said the
extremist Islamist fighters had prepared a string of suicide
bombers in their battle to topple the weak Western-backed
government and the African Union troops who guard it.

"The explosion which hit at the police headquarters
yesterday was the beginning of a series of suicide and bombing
attacks that mujahedeen fighters plan to carry out in
Mogadishu in the coming days," Abu Musab told reporters.

Police said yesterday they had found another car laden
with explosives close to the same station, near the busy
central K4 roundabout.

Two people were wounded in the heavy blast yesterday,
when explosives packed into a car seized by the police were
detonated, destroying part of the police compound`s perimeter
wall, police said.

A man had been arrested in connection with Thursday`s
blast, information ministry official Abdullahi Bile Noor said,
condemning the "godless al Qaeda enemy" for the attack.

The attack was the latest in a string of blasts including
roadside bombs and grenade explosions that have rocked
Mogadishu in the past six months since the hardline Shebab
left fixed positions and switched to guerrilla attacks.

"We will continue bombing... We call on civilians to stay
away from those areas where the enemy is based," Abu Musab
said, adding that government officials and African Union
troops were considered targets.

Police official Mohamed Abdi said security had been
tightened in the anarchic city.