South Korea develops cruise missile: Reports

S Korea develops a long-range cruise missile capable of striking N Korea military targets.

Seoul: South Korea has developed a
long-range cruise missile capable of striking nuclear sites
and military targets in North Korea, news reports said today.

The Hyunmu-3C missile has a range of 930 miles (1,500
kilometres), the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported, citing the
August edition of its sister magazine Monthly Chosun.

The new missile, if confirmed, would be the longest-range
weapon in South Korea`s arsenal. Missile-range limits have
been agreed upon under an accord with the US, which has cited
concerns over a possible regional arms race.

The surface-to-surface missile will be deployed along the
border with North Korea beginning this year, the newspaper
said. It has a 990-pound (450-kilogram) payload and can hit
within 2 yards (meters) of its target, the report said.

Despite the agreement with the US, South Korea can
develop long-range cruise missiles as long as the payload is
under 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms).

The Hyunmu-3C missile would also have the capability of
hitting parts of China, Japan and Russia.

Yonhap news agency carried a similar story. Both reports
cited unidentified military officials.

A spokesman for the Defense Acquisition Program
Administration said he could neither confirm nor deny the
reports. He spoke on condition of anonymity citing policy. A
Defense Ministry spokesman was not immediately available for

North Korea already has long-range missiles. The
Taepodong-2 has a potential range of more than 4,100 miles
(6,700 kilometres), putting Alaska within striking distance.


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