South Korea holds live-fire military drills near border

About 1,100 troops, dozens of artillery systems participated in drills.

Seoul: South Korea has staged live-fire drills near the border with North Korea ahead of the first anniversary of a deadly warship sinking blamed on Pyongyang.

The Army says about 1,100 troops, dozens of artillery systems, attack helicopters and fighter jets participated in Thursday`s drills.

Army officials say they mobilised more troops and weapons for the routine drills in a show of force two days before the country marks the anniversary of the warship Cheonan`s sinking.

South Korea blames North Korea for torpedoing the vessel and killing 46 sailors. Pyongyang denies involvement.

North Korea shelled a South Korean island in November, killing four people and plunging inter-Korean ties to one of their lowest points in decades.

Bureau Report