Sri Sri to start `Art of Living` in China

Yoga guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar all set to inaugurate the first ashram of his `Art of Living’ in China.

Beijing: Yoga enthusiasts in China have
reason to celebrate with the renowned exponent of the ancient
Indian practise Sri Sri Ravi Shankar all set to inaugurate the
first ashram of his `Art of Living’.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will embark on a two-day tour of
China from Oct 24 to inaugurate the first Art of Living ashram
in Beijing, the organisers said.

This is the first ever visit by an Indian spiritual
leader to China, as it shed its Communist past with a series
of economic and social reforms.

The spiritual guru, whose branches are active in 140
countries, promoting ecumenical values with emphasis on inner
peace, would address a public "satsang" (spiritual gathering)
at a resort near Beijing on Oct 24 followed by a Health and
Happiness yoga camp the next day.

The highlight of his visit according to the organisers
is "Conversations of the Masters", an interactive meeting with
other religious leaders such as Chang Da Lin, Executive
Director of the Buddhist Association of China, Pundit Wang Xin
Yang, Vice-President of the China Taoist Association and
member of the National People`s Congress (NPC) and Cui Zhong
San, Vice-President of China Tai Chi Chuan Association.

Yoga is not new to China as Yoga centers have come up
up all over the country in the last few years ever since China
began to liberalise spiritual and religious practices in
recent years.