Steven Sotloff murder: As IS knife looms over British, UK vows to 'redouble' efforts

As IS knife looms over British, UK PM says won't be cowed

Steven Sotloff murder: As IS knife looms over British, UK vows to 'redouble' efforts

London: Even as the barbaric Islamic State militants threatened to execute a British hostage next, UK Prime Minister David Cameron on Wednesday raised the pitch against the 'barbaric killers', saying the Britain would not be 'cowed' by them and will redouble efforts along with the US to stop them in their tracks.

Deciding not to pay ransom for any hostage, just like the US, Cameron spoke how the ransom payment from other countries was filling the coffers of the Islamic State with "tens of millions of dollars" which they were using against Britain.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the many tens of millions of dollars that ISIL have raised from ransom payments is going into promoting terrorism including terrorism affecting our own country..Britain continues with this policy, America continues with this policy but we need to redouble the efforts to make sure other countries are good to their word," said Cameron speaking in the House of Commons.

“A country like ours will not be cowed by barbaric killers. We have faced down threats like this before and we will do so again,” tweeted Cameron.

In a strong rejoinder to the grisly IS video showing beheading of the US journalist Steven Sotloff, Cameron said that though he was shocked by the execution, Britain would not give in to terrorism.

“If the extremists think it will weaken the Britain they are wrong”.

"We will be more forthright in the defence of the values, liberty under the rule of law, freedom, democracy, that we hold dear," Said Cameron.

According to the Telegraph, Britain is considering sending special forces to Syria to rescue a British man whose life has been threatened by the Isil terrorist group. The government is also prepared to conduct air strikes if they are "beneficial".

After the execution of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, carried out in retaliation to the US strikes on the IS targets in Iraq, the next man to be under the threat of the barbaric militants is a British named David Haines.

Haines is said David Haines is said to be an ex-British soldier who served for aid organisations and went missing in Syria in 2013.

The threat to kill a British came as the UK was mulling joining the US in launching airstrikes on the IS targets in Iraq.

Speaking after the video was posted, British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond said that strikes were still an option but no decision was taken yet.

In a reference pointed mainly at Britain, the extremist in the video of beheading of Steven Sotloff, warns other governments to back off and not enter “this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State”.

With the latest video, the ISIS seems to be have made it clear that its threats are not hollow warnings as the slain journalist Sotloff is the same man whom the extremists had threatened to kill in an August 19 video showing James Foley's execution.


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