‘Strauss-Kahn slept with French writer`s mother’

Strauss-Kahn reportedly had a "consensual but brutal" sexual encounter with mom of French writer.

New York: Dominique Strauss-Kahn
reportedly had a "consensual but brutal" sexual encounter with
the mother of French writer Tristane Banon, who has accused
him of attempted rape.

Strauss-Kahn (64) is currently in New York where he
faces sexual assault charges for allegedly forcing a
32-year-old hotel maid to perform oral sex.

He was taken into custody a few minutes before his
flight departed for Paris in May earlier this year.

L` Express magazine reported that Banon`s mother Anne
Mansouret (65) told the police that she had a "consensual but
brutal" sexual encounter with Strauss-Kahn in 2000.

However, the high ranking member of the Socialist
Party, who likened the former IMF chief`s manner to the
"vulgarity of a soldier, kept quiet about the incident.

Her daughter Banon (31) has described Strauss-Kahn as
a "rutting chimpanzee" who tried to "pull off her clothes" in

Mansouret was at the time Brigette Guillemette`,
Strauss-Kahn`s ex-wife, best friend. However, when Banon told
her about the alleged rape attempt three years later, she told
Guillemette who confronted him, the magazine reported.

He admitted that he had slept with the mother but was
"overwhelmed" when he saw the daughter, it reported.

The Le Point magazine had previously claimed that
Strauss-Kahn had slept with three women over the weekend in
which he allegedly assaulted the maid in New York.

However, Ann Sinclair, Strauss-Kahn`s wife, who is
with him in New York, defended her husband.

"Dominique has never been violent with anyone," she
told friends, as quoted by The Sunday Times.

"Even the children, he never smacked them.
He`s a seducer, not a rapist," she said.

The court date for the next hearing of the sexual
assault case against Strauss-Kahn was postponed from July 18
till August 1.


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