‘Strip Saudi-born Samir off US nationality for Qaeda links’

Republican lawmaker demands Saudi-born US national Samir Khan, said to b behind the al-Qaeda`s magazine Inspire, should be stripped off his citizenship because of his radical links.

Washington: Republican lawmaker has
demanded that Saudi-born American national Samir Khan, said to be behind the al-Qaeda`s magazine Inspire, should be stripped
off his citizenship because of his radical links.

Khan, 24, is widely believed to be the editor-in-chief
of al-Qaeda`s new online magazine `Inspire` which features an
article purportedly written by terror group chief Osama bin
Laden, as well as instructions on how to make a homemade bomb.

"Based on his activities, it really appears that he
had a relationship with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
while he was here in the US," Sue Myrick, Republican
Congresswoman from North Carolina, said.

"That was not followed up with the intelligence
community," she said, demanding that Khan be stripped off his
American citizenship.

"There`s no question he crosses the line now," she
said. "How far does someone have to go before we take them

Early this year, Senator Joe Lieberman introduced a
legislation that would strip citizenship from Americans
affiliated with a foreign terrorist organisation.

Under current law, "A person who is a national of the
United States whether by birth or naturalisation, shall lose
his nationality by... entering, or serving in, the armed
forces of a foreign state if such armed forces are engaged in
hostilities against the United States."

Meanwhile, a local TV station in North Carolina quoted
his father Zafar Khan as saying that he has been trying to get
Samir to change.

A spokesperson of Zafar Khan told WBTV that he "is
concerned" about Samir and "has been active in trying to get
Samir to change."

He also said he and Zafar found out "more and more
people have tried to advise Samir and correct him."

Samir is currently said to be in Yemen.

Federal authorities said he bought a round trip
ticket, but never flew back home.

Federal authorities became aware of Samir a few
years ago when he began publishing English translation of Al
Qeada propaganda and started a radical blog.


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