Sudan’s President offers to relieve south of debt

It appears to be a goodwill gesture from Omar al-Bashir toward the south.

Khartoum: Sudan`s President has offered to relieve the south from any debt burden if it votes for independence by assuming the whole USD 36 billion national debt.

President Omar al-Bashir`s office said on Monday that trying to split the debt between the north and a possible new southern nation is of "no use" because the new state would not be able to service the debt.

It appears to be a goodwill gesture from al-Bashir toward the south. The statement however said Sudan`s debt should be scrapped altogether, saying it is the "responsibility of the north, south and the international community”.

The US has offered Khartoum a package of incentives if the referendum goes smoothly.

Southern Sudan is one of the world`s poorest regions.

Bureau Report