Suicide bomber kills 10 soldiers at Iraq Army post

Diyala provincial council spokeswoman said a 2nd bomb was discovered nearby.

Baghdad: A health official says a suicide bomber has killed 10 soldiers outside an Iraqi Army intelligence office in the country`s east.

Diyala health directorate spokesman Faris al-Azawi said at least 29 people also were wounded in the 6 am blast, including 14 soldiers.

The suicide bomber drove his booby-trapped car past the security gate and blew up right outside the Army battalion`s headquarters in Kanan, east of the provincial capital of Baqouba, 35 miles (60 kilometres) northeast of Baghdad.

Diyala provincial council spokeswoman said emergency workers were frantically trying to rescue victims from beneath the rubble.

She says a second bomb was discovered nearby but diffused by officials before it could explode.

Bureau Report