Suu Kyi accused of `allying` with military regime

Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has been accused of being an "ally" of the military regime by opposition party in Myanmar.

London: Accusing Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi of being an "ally" of the military regime, an opposition party in Myanmar has asked the world investors not to engage in any investment with the present dispensation until a "genuine democratic government" is elected.
"Aung San Suu Kyi has made a U-Turn and now she is an ally, collaborator and mouthpiece of the military regime. She has become a coalition partner of the military Junta.
It is not correct to call her as a democracy opposition leader or icon or activist," Bo Aung Din, Chairman of the Parliamentary Democracy Party (PDP-Burma), said in a statement.

Bo Aung Din said the PDP, which is the direct descendant of the anti-Fascist and the People Freedom League founded in 1945 by General Aung San, the hero of Burma (now Myanmar), is currently applying a four-pronged strategy including political and military.

He said under the tactic the party intended to charge the military Junta with indictment of crimes against humanity.

The party is also asked the "world investors not to engage in any investment with the military regime until military governance of Burma ends and a genuine democratic government is elected and runs the country under the Rule of Law."

He said the PDP did not accept the 2008 military Constitution or recognise the 2010 "Fake Election" organised by the military regime, because "the military regime is incapable of drawing a Constitution."

He said, "The PDP only recognised the 1947 Constitution. Particularly, the PDP does not accept the following points, such as, the 25 per cent of the Assembly has to be kept reserved for the military personnel, the president has to be chosen from the army personnel who has military experience, that president has the right to form the cabinet, and the army has the right to make a coup if necessary."

"The PDP sees that it is a lie that the military regime is saying that it is now gradually introducing democracy in Burma. The reason is, democracy and the military dictatorship cannot be mixed together or work together and the mentality of the army is incapable of introducing democracy to the people."

He said under the military rule, "there is no Rule of Law, democracy, freedom, security, peace and equal opportunity for business and political offices. The principle governance of military rule is coercion and arbitrary rule and violence, including murder, torture, sexual crimes against women and children."

"Under the military rule, there is no security and already tens of thousands of students, monks and citizens have been killed by them since they usurped power in 1962. Millions of people, including minorities were brutally murdered, imprisoned, tortured, women and children were raped and their belongings were looted."


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