Swedish rescuers find wreckage of crashed plane

A Norwegian military plane crashed with five people on board during an exercise in northern Sweden.

Stockholm: Rescuers have found the wreckage of a Norwegian military plane that crashed with five people on board during an exercise in northern Sweden.

Rescue spokesman Mathias Hansson said that parts of the C-130 cargo aircraft were found early Saturday scattered over a glacier on mount Kebnekaise, Sweden`s highest mountain.

Four men and one woman — all Norwegians — were on board the plane heading from Evenes, on Norway`s Arctic coast, to the Swedish city of Kiruna when it disappeared from radar screens just before 3 pm (1400 GMT) on Thursday over the mountain range.

Hansson said the crew had not been found but "there is nothing that indicates" they had survived the crash.

"There are a lot of wreckage parts spread out over a large area. It suggests it was a major impact," Hansson said.

The plane was participating in a Norwegian-led military exercise with 16,000 soldiers from 14 countries taking part. Rescue helicopters and military aircraft taking part in the drill searched the mountainous area about 80 kilometres (50 miles) west of Kiruna but were hampered by poor visibility due to low clouds, snow and strong winds.

Hansson said rescuers who had entered the area on the ground found the wreckage parts early Saturday on Rabots glacier, which borders Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden at more than 2,100 meters (6,680 feet).

He said "there is no doubt" that the parts belonged to the missing C-130.

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