`Syria turning into a mass detention center for children`

Children in Syria are becoming subject to several horrific atrocities, as per the BBC.

Zeenews Bureau

Jordan: According to a report published by the British charity Save the Children, kids in Syria are becoming subject to atrocities.

BBC made this report public on Tuesday.

The report submitted by the British charity also disclosed that teenagers are imprisoned and tortured inside their school, transformed by the regime into a mass detention center for children. The six-year-old son of an anti-government activist has been abducted, starved and lastly beaten to death.

The report released on Tuesday compiles 18 first-hand accounts from Syrian refugee children.

“Every crime against children must be recorded to send a clear message to all sides in the conflict that these atrocities will not be tolerated," the group added.

Among the accounts in "Untold Atrocities: The Stories of Syria`s Children": Hassan, a 14-year-old boy now living in a refugee tent camp in Jordan, described what happened when a rocket landed in a funeral procession in his home village.

"Dead bodies along with injured people were scattered on the ground. I found body parts all over each other. Dogs were eating the dead bodies for two days after the massacre," Hassan added while describing his horrifying moments.

The extent of these atrocities even includes abduction, torture and killing of children by government forces to punish their parents.

While drawing on the testimony of Syrian refugee children, the charity also requested the United Nations to increase its presence on the ground.

Earlier on Monday the UN-Arab league joint special representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi had said that the situation in Syria is becoming extremely bad and getting worse.

"There is no disagreement that the situation in Syria is extremely bad and getting worse, and that it is a threat to the region and a threat to the peace and security in the world," Xinhua quoted Brahimi as saying.

Brahimi made the remarks after briefing the Security Council Monday morning on what he had seen and heard during his recent visit to the region, including Damascus, and refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey.