Syrian activists salute Tunisia, Egypt uprisings

Syrian opposition figures hail the uprisings as an example to all Arabs.

Damascus: Syrian activists and opposition figures, including Michel Kilo and filmmaker Omar Amiralay, on Sunday hailed Tunisia`s revolution and the uprising in Egypt as an example to all Arabs.

The Syrian people "also aspire to justice and freedom”, they said in a statement.

"We salute the Tunisian people and their revolution and the uprising of the Egyptian people and their resistance to a corrupt and repressive regime," read the signed statement.

"We hope with all people, including the Syrians, for justice, liberty and equality for all," they said.

"The Tunisian people were in one month able to bring down one of the Arab world`s most dictatorial and corrupt regimes.”

"This revolution has shown Arabs how closely Tunisia resembles their own countries, where power and wealth are concentrated in the same hands, and where repression and the plundering of the public purse go hand-in-hand."

It said, "Arab governments had rushed to offer limited social services while tightening their grip on their people" but "this has not prevented other Arab peoples, especially the Egyptians, from drawing inspiration" from Tunisia.

"The Arab people have found their route to freedom, namely peaceful, non-violent social resistance uniting the population against those who repress it and steal its wealth," said the text.

Among the 39 signatories were political opposition figures who have served long prison terms, including economist Aref Dalila, poet Faraj Beirakdar, and authors Yassin Haj Saleh, Michel Kilo and Fayez Sara.

Filmmakers, researchers and lawyers were also on the list.

Bureau Report