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`Tackling Haqqani is no.1 job for both US and Pak`

Last Updated: Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 16:47

Washington: The US has said that tackling
the Haqqani network is the number one job for its ties with
Pakistan, even though Islamabad has publicly refused to take
action against this terrorist outfit under American pressure.

"We continue to believe that job one between the US and
Pakistan on the counter-terrorism front is to tackle the
Haqqani Network," State Department spokesperson Victoria
Nuland told reporters yesterday.

"We continue to make outreaches at all levels to our
Pakistani counterparts," Nuland said and announced that the
Special US representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mark
Grossman, will be traveling to the region.

"He`ll be in Kabul, he`ll be in Islamabad, he will be in
some of the neighboring countries. So this is a chance to
continue that work," she said.

"I think what`s important in this case is that we
continue to have very clear and candid conversations among all
of the principals with their Pakistani interlocutors. Grossman
is on his way to the region to continue those conversations.
So the dialogue continues; we`ve got to find a way to work on
this together," she said.

Nuland conceded that Afghanistan has expressed its
concern over tri-partite dialogue that includes Pakistan.

"We`ve seen the concerns that have been reported in the
press. And Ambassador Grossman looks forward to talking to
both Afghans and Pakistanis about this," she said.


First Published: Saturday, October 1, 2011 - 16:47
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