`Taliban gets 2 lakh Pak rupees for each NATO soldier killed`

Rebel commanders have said the Taliban gets 2 lakh rupees for each NATO soldier they kill.

London: Amid a western plan to pay
insurgents to lay down their weapons in Afghanistan, rebel
commanders have said the Taliban militants are earning up to 2
lakh Pakistani rupees for each NATO soldier they kill.

"We can’t lie to our commanders: they can check to see
if there was a fight in that area. We get money if we capture
equipment too. A gun can fetch USD 1,000 [690 pounds]," said a
commander from Khost province who controls about 60 fighters.

Taliban rebels are earning up to 2 lakh Pakistani
rupees (1,660 pounds) for each Nato soldier they kill, Times
Online said today.

The money usually reaches commanders via the
traditional hawala transfer system which is then shared within
the militia.

"It’s a lot of money for us. We don’t care if we kill
foreigners: their blood allows us to feed our families and the
more we kill, the more we weaken them. Of course we are going
to celebrate this, a commander from Ghazni province was
quoted as saying by the website of the London-based newspaper.

The report said the money is said to come from
protection rackets, taxes imposed on opium farmers, donors in
the Gulf states who channel money through Dubai and from the
senior Taliban leadership in Pakistan.

So far this year 213 NATO soldiers have been killed in
Afghanistan, including 41 British troops, bringing the
potential rewards for the Taliban to 350,000 pounds, it said.

The rebel commanders said the bounty had more than
doubled since the beginning of last year as the Afghan
government prepares to present its strategy for ending the

The strategy, supported by the G-20 London Summit in
January, aims to lure top militants away from the fighting by
offering them jobs in farming and engineering, vocational
training in carpet weaving and carpentry, education and
assimilation into the Afghan security forces, including the
secret police.

The summit had raised 110 million pounds to fund the
reintegration strategy.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai hopes to rally next
weekend`s tribal council in Kabul to the peace and
reintegration programme (PRP).


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