Taliban warn of terror attack in the Netherlands

Taliban warned of terror attack in Netherlands in the wake of govt`s decision to form a minority govt.

Amsterdam: The Taliban have warned of a possible terrorist attack against the Netherlands in the wake of the government`s decision to form a minority government backed by anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, a press report Monday said.

"If the Netherlands enforce its anti-Islamic policies, it will ensure that they will be the target of an attack by a jihadist group," Taliban spokesman Sabiullah Mujahid told the de Volkskrant newspaper.

Last week the free-market Liberals and centre-right Christian Democrats formed a minority government in The Hague, backed by Wilders` Freedom Party.

In return, his anti-immigrant party has demanded a ban on the burqa and a 50 percent reduction in the number of immigrations from Muslim countries.

A Taliban commander in Pakistan has already threatened the Netherlands in response to Wilders` involvement in government.

The Dutch authorities, however, have not increased the official terrorism alert.


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