Ten Russian spies deported after NY guilty pleas

The 10 Russian spies were deported from the US following a swap agreed by Moscow and Washington.

New York: The 10 Russian spies who were part of a sensational swap agreed by Moscow and Washington were deported from the United States late Thursday, local television NY1 reported.

The 10 Russian spy suspects in US custody pleaded guilty in a New York federal court to acting as agents for Moscow and were ordered immediately expelled from the United States, never to return.
In exchange, Russia agreed to release four people convicted of spying for Western countries and imprisoned, at least in one case, in harsh regions once housing the communist Gulag.

The deal was the most sensational spy swap since the height of the Cold War.
The spies included Russian Anna Chapman, whose nude pictures and racy sexual history have filled tabloids around the world, and Peruvian-American journalist Vicky Pelaez, who admitted to carrying a letter written in invisible ink.

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