Terror plots against Israel hatched in Iran: Envoy

Iran is behind the recent terror strikes in Bangkok as well as in Tbilisi, Israeli Ambassador Alon Usphiz said.

New Delhi: Stepping up its tirade against
Iran, Israel today said the plot for terror strikes against it
and its citizens was hatched in Tehran, including the car bomb
blast here in which one its diplomats was seriously injured.

Iran is behind the recent terror strikes in Bangkok as
well as in the failed attempt in Tbilisi, the capital of
former Soviet republic of Georgia, Israeli Ambassador Alon
Usphiz said.

"This is something that was planned in Tehran. Creator of
it is terror-sponsoring nation Iran," Usphiz told to a news channel when
asked about the allegations of terror attacks levelled by
Isreal against Iran.

Noting that Israel has the "highest level of confidence"
in Indian security establishment, he said the menace of
terrorism can be tackled by "all of us working together."

"We have probably the highest level of confidence and
trust in cooperation with the relevant Indian authorities. We
are very grateful for the help and measures that relevant
agencies are taking to protect us," he said.

"We respect your decision-making (process). India knows
exactly what threats Israel is dealing with and we discuss it
in a spirit of friendship," he added.

An Israeli Embassy car had exploded here yesterday in a
suspected terror attack leading to injuries of four people,
including a women diplomat.