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Thai PM presides 5-religion ceremony to boost public`s morale

Embattled Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva, presided over an interfaith ceremony having representatives from five major religions in the country.

Updated: Jun 10, 2010, 18:00 PM IST

Bangkok: Embattled Thai Prime Minister
Abhisit Vejjajiva, preparing a national reconciliation
roadmap, on Thursday presided over an interfaith ceremony having
representatives from five major religions in the country,
including Hinduism and Sikhism.

The ceremony was aimed at resurrecting people`s morale
and bringing peace to the multi religion nation that have
citizens believing in Christianity, Islam and Buddhism in

A minister attached to the Prime Minister`s Office Satit
Wongnongtaey said Vejjajiva was scheduled afterward to chair a
meeting on national reconciliation plan.

He said all stakeholders including academics, the private
sector, local administrators, media representatives and
cabinet ministers were invited for a discussion on his
five-point national reconciliation roadmap.

After the meeting, the PM will address the nation via
national television network on the details of the plan at 6pm.

During the address, the premier will formally invite all
Thais to participate in the reconciliation effort,
Wongnongtaey said, adding that starting from June 13, the
government will hold regular activities encouraging the unity
of Thai society.

Most of the activities would involve the participation of
all sectors of society -- the general public, entrepreneurs,
shops, markets, businesspeople and the media -- to listen to
their views by using variety of means, he said.

The government will continue to inform the pubic about
the development of the plan regularly, said Wongnongtaey,who
was assigned by the prime minister to work on the national
reconciliation plan.

The prime minister`s five-point national reconciliation
plan comprises upholding the monarchy, resolving fundamental
problems of social injustice, enabling media`s constructive
operation, establishing the facts about the violence by an
independent fact finding committee and establishing mutually
acceptable political rules.

Vejjajiva said earlier that some points of the plan could
be concluded sooner including the independent panel to probe
the deadly clashes between the security forces and protesters
and empaneling a committee to oversee amending the

However, some points would take longer and could not be
completed by his administration, he said, adding that no
matter who or which party would be the government in the
future, he would like to see the reconciliation plan achieve
its results for the people.