Thailand`s Reds say attacks won`t derail peace process

Thailand`s anti-government "Red Shirts" denied involvement in deadly attacks on security forces.

Bangkok: Thailand`s anti-government "Red
Shirts" on Saturday denied involvement in deadly attacks on security
forces near their protest base, and said the violence would
not derail a reconciliation process.

Grenade blasts and a drive-by shooting killed two police
officers and wounded 12 people overnight, in the latest
outbreak of violence in a two-month confrontation that has
left another 27 dead and nearly 1,000 injured.

"This is the work of groups of people who do not want to
see this crisis end in a peaceful resolution under a national
reconciliation process," said Reds leader Nattawut Saikuar.

"This will not distract us or derail the process," he
said as the Reds negotiate with Prime Minister Abhisit
Vejjajiva over a proposal for November elections to end weeks
of crippling street rallies.

The Reds insisted they adhere to a policy of
non-violence, and demanded the government identify those
responsible for the deadly attacks who they described as
"mysterious militants".

Nattawut said the movement would meet later Saturday to
discuss the peace process and map out further proposals to
submit to the government, but warned that any decision to
disperse the protest would take time.

The Reds have said they will not disband their vast rally
encampment, which has paralysed Bangkok`s main shopping
district, until the government gives a firm date for the
dissolution of parliament.