`They know where is Muammar al-Gaddafi`

Anti-Gaddafi fighters have insisted that they will reveal the whereabouts of Libyan leader later.

Tripoli: Anti-Gaddafi fighters have reportedly said they know the location where Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is hiding, insisting that they will reveal it later.

Sky News quoted the country’s new Oil and Justice minister, Ali al Tarhouni, as claiming that the group is aware of Gaddafi’s hideout.

"They (the anti-Gaddafi fighters) are not saying at the moment (where he is), but are indicating they might at a later stage. If they come out and say where they believe he is...that may give some inspiration to Col Gaddafi to go on the move,” Al Tarhouni said.

"The net does appear to be closing, it is all everyone is talking about," he added.

The revelation comes after a spokesman for Gaddafi`s son, Saif al Islam, said he had met tribal leaders close to Tripoli to discuss plans to recapture Tripoli.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the surrender of Gaddafi`s home town of Sirte has been extended.

Fighters are poised to advance on Sabha and Bani Walid, places where Gaddafi may have turned to after fleeing from Tripoli.

A Sky News report from Sirte, said: "The anti-Gaddafi fighters have been blindsided by Abdel Jalil who announced without any reference to any of the frontline commanders that there would be an extension of a week for the negotiations for the surrender of Sirte.”


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