This Chinese woman flew solo on a flight and became 'world's luckiest passenger' - find out how

Zhang travelled solo on a China Southern flight from Wuhan to Guangzhou on Monday.

This Chinese woman flew solo on a flight and became 'world's luckiest passenger' - find out how
Image courtesy: Weibo/ Miffyscat

Beijing: A Chinese woman, surnamed Zhang, is thrilled at becoming the 'world's luckiest air passenger'.

And why not! Zhang travelled solo on a China Southern flight from Wuhan to Guangzhou on Monday when at least 100,000 Chinese travellers found themselves stranded at train stations in Guangzhou due to extreme weather conditions.

Zhang documented her thrilling trip on Chinese social media platform Weibo and posted pictures of flight CZ2833 in which she was the only passenger with row after row of empty seats.

But did all this become a reality when China Southern flight, operated using a Boeing 737-700 aircraft, normally carried 137 passengers on an average?

As per AFP, the flight got delayed by 10 hours, and other passengers chose to depart on earlier flights.

Zhang, however, decided to take the original flight and flew solo to Guangzhou.

En route, she enjoy personalised attention from the plane’s crew, plenty of leg room, and faced no crying babies or unruly fellow passengers.

The experience was “tuhao”, she said on her social media feed, using a slang term for the nouveau riche.

"I felt so happy, it was a rare life experience for me and it was new. I felt like a rockstar," she later told the BBC.

The huge movement of Chinese travelling home to spend the Lunar New Year with their families is often described as the world’s largest human migration and overcrowded planes, trains and automobiles are the norm.

On social media, many Chinese felt jealous of Zhang’s good luck.

“What a fluke that you went against the big New Year’s current,” one user wrote, noting that the plane will be completely full on its flight back from Guangzhou, a prosperous city that attracts many economic migrants.

"What a great way to fly, you are indeed very lucky to experience such hospitality especially at such a chaotic travelling period," commented another user.

"Sister, you are clearly the world's luckiest passenger - cherish it," a third one noted.

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