Three dead after attack at US community college

An attack at a community college in the rural western state of Wyoming and another location nearby left three people dead.

Updated: Dec 01, 2012, 08:49 AM IST

Cheyenne (Wyoming): An attack at a community college in the rural western state of Wyoming and another location nearby left three people dead, a faculty member, another person, and the suspect, who police say used a sharp-edged weapon in the killings.

Police found two of those killed at a science building on the Casper College campus and the third at another location about 2 miles away.

Authorities didn`t identify the suspect or victims but said two were male and one was female.

The suspect wasn`t believed to be a student, but it appeared there was a relationship between the suspect and victims killed, Police Chief Chris Walsh said.

"We`re locating next of kin, and working on notification absolutely as fast as we can," he said.

Walsh said he wanted the community to know there was no further threat.

"I want to emphasize that this is a horrible tragedy," Walsh said. "And I want the city to, well I can`t say, you know just feel safe right now. There is no one at large."

The attack occurred just before 9 am yesterday at the two-year community college in Casper, about 250 miles northwest of Denver.

Class was in session and the campus was locked down after the attack and the science building was evacuated, but the lockdown had ended by early afternoon.

Police provided some details in a news conference streamed live by the Casper Star-Tribune (http://trib.Com/ ).

Political science instructor Chris Henrichsen said he was showing the film "Frost/Nixon" to his Wyoming and US government class when he stepped into the hall to get something for a student and was told a homicide had occurred on campus.

He went back to his classroom, where students were getting messages about the campus lockdown on their phones.

"We locked the door and waited for further instruction," Henrichsen said.

The class finished watching the remaining 10 minutes of the movie and remained locked down 20 minutes after that, he said.

The students then were sent home, but some who parked near a different campus building where the attack occurred had to leave their cars there, Henrichsen said.

Henrichsen said he saw nothing unusual or suspicious on campus before the attack.

Walsh said 33 law enforcement officers from different agencies responded to the college after receiving reports about an attack. He said authorities first thought it might have been an "active shooter type situation."