Three held for blast in KFC outlet in China

A child has been sent to hospital with temporary hearing impairment following a deafining band caused by a bomb blast.

Beijing: Three suspects have been detained in connection with a recent explosion at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet in north China`s Hebei Province.

Hebei police caught the three suspects around midnight on Thursday, a spokesman of the provincial public security bureau told media here on Friday.

In a preliminary interrogation, the suspects confessed they had triggered the explosion after a failed "racketeering" attempt, a news agency quoted the spokesman as saying.

The explosion took on August 7 at a KFC outlet in Renqiu City.

No one was injured, but the deafening bang caused panic among the diners and a child was sent to hospital with temporary hearing impairment, he said.

Police are still investigating the case.


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