Three held over Mauritius honeymoon murder

Three valets at Mauritius` Legends hotel were being held by police over the death of Michaela McAreavey who was strangled whilst on honeymoon.

Port Louis: Three valets at Mauritius`
Legends hotel were being held by police on Wednesday over the death
of the daughter of a top Irish sports personality who was
strangled whilst on honeymoon, police said.

Police said the three are the last people to have been
in contact with Michaela McAreavey before her death on Monday.

The death has rocked Ireland -- the 27-year-old
teacher and former beauty queen was the daughter of Tyrone
Gaelic football boss Mickey Harte, one of Ireland`s best-known
sporting figures.

Computer records from the victim`s hotel room show
that someone entered the room two minutes before she did,
police sources involved in the investigation said today.

Police forensic expert Harish Baichoo told reporters
"asphyxia due to compression of the neck" was the cause of
Michaela McAreavey`s death on Monday.

Her brother Mark Harte and the brother of bridegroom
John McAreavey are expected to arrive on the Indian Ocean
island around midday, police and Mauritius government sources

Her father, Mickey Harte is expected to arrive
tomorrow, according to the same sources.

Mauritius Tourism Minister Nando Bodha, who on
yesterday called the crime unprecedented, said the government
would do everything in its power to help the family members.

"Mauritius is a country where the rule of law exists
and we have every confidence that the police and the judiciary
will track down and punish the guilty parties," he said.

Mauritius, a volcanic island surrounded by coral reefs
and lagoons, is best known for top-end tourism and as a
honeymoon destination. It welcomes some 950,000 tourists per

John McAreavey is a nephew of Bishop John McAreavey of
the Catholic diocese of Dromore in Northern Ireland.

Michaela McAreavey taught Irish and was a former
contestant in Ireland`s popular Rose of Tralee beauty pageant.

Gaelic football is the most popular sport in Ireland
and many players and managers are celebrities.


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