To share White House with so many people is fun: Michelle

Last Updated: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 13:59

Washington: Being a resident of the White House for more than 15 months now, US First Lady Michelle Obama has said that sharing the house with so many people is the most fun part of living in this official residence of the US President.

"Some of the most fun parts about living in the White House is getting to share the house with so many people. I mean, we have thousands of people who come here every month just to visit, and it`s really fun to meet a lot of people and to make sure that they feel like this house is special for them, and to share it with everybody else," she said.

"So it`s been a lot of fun. There are a lot of good things about it," Michelle said in response to a question at `Take Your Child to Wok Day` event at the White House. She said she still feels the same way when asked how it is being the First Lady.

"You feel that way whether you`re at home or at school or at the park or whether you`re with your friends. It`s like you`re always Isaiah (name of the questioner), right? So I think I feel the same way, too. I still feel like who I am; that, you know, I got to take care of my kids and I want to do a good job as First Lady. I want to make sure that I`m making my country proud. But I still feel like me," Michelle said.

On the Earth Day, she said her daughter Sasha has brought home some energy-efficient bulbs that they have to put in the house. "So we`re going to do some bulb replacement," she said.

Responding to another question, Michelle said there is something that she misses about Chicago, but since her entire family is here it makes her easier to adjust.

"Do I miss Chicago -- yeah, there are some things that I miss about Chicago. I miss -- but I think the things that I miss about Chicago are the things that I would miss anywhere," she said.

"One of the things that the President and I can`t do is sort of just walk down the street by ourselves, you know? We can`t just leave the house and walk by ourselves because we always have security and we have to make sure that we got a lot of people with us. And I think that the thing I miss in Chicago is like being able to walk out of my house and go down on the lake and ride my bike -- but I can`t do that here, either," the First Lady said.

"So what I tell my girls is that if there`s a reason why -- if there`s something that I miss about Chicago, it would be my family -- and everybody is here with me. So it makes it a lot easier to adjust because all the people that I love are still right here. And we have Bo, and we didn`t have Bo in Chicago," Michelle said.

Michelle said she never dreamt of becoming the First Lady. "No, I didn`t," she said in response to a question. "When I was a little kid, I probably had dreams like most little kids. For a second I wanted to be a paediatrician because I liked kids. I never wanted to be a vet.”

"Then, after I went to college, I wanted to be an attorney, and I practiced for a while. But no, as a matter of fact, I mean, the notion of being First Lady of the US -- there had never been anybody of my race who had been here," she said.


First Published: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 13:59

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