Man makes false ISIS bomb alert to skip work

Hammond made the 6 am call from a payphone outside his home. 

London: This man has taken the extreme step to avoid work but paid a heavy price. The 20-year-old coaxed his friend to call the police and put out an ISIS bomb alert because he wanted a day off from his work, little realising the consequences of their action.

Aaron O’Neill convinced his friend Colin Hammond, 21, to stage the bomb threat. And following which, the police immediately sprung into action, shutting down a motorway, disrupting air traffic control and preventing 4,000 Intel staff from going to work.

Hammond made the 6 am call from a payphone outside his home.

“You will not find them, this is a warning, we’re everywhere now,” the quoted Hammond as saying to the emergency operator. He said that he represented the Islamic State.

Reacting to the case Judge Martin Nolan said ‘it is a very, very strange way to avoid going to work’. Hammond was ordered to carry out 200 hours of community service in lieu of a two-year prison sentence in October. O’Neill is also expected to serve a similar sentence.

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