Tony Blair calls off book bash over protest threat

The guests were told the party was postponed due to possible disruption.

London: Former British PM Tony Blair had cancelled another event to launch his book, `A Journey`, at London`s Tate Modern over threats from protesters.

Guests invited to the party were told it was postponed due to possible disruption, reports the Sun.

He had already cancelled a book signing for his memoir set for today at a central London store.

It followed protests at a similar event in Dublin at the weekend, when demonstrators hurled eggs and shoes and one attempted to make a citizen`s arrest.

Blair told ITV`s `This Morning` that anti-war campaigners had vowed to demonstrate outside the Tate event.

Meanwhile, presenter Philip Schofield had him cringing as he read extracts from the book describing Blair`s nights of passion with Cherie.

One passage from `A Journey` read: "I needed that love Cherie gave me. I devoured it. I was an animal following my instinct."

Blair, 57, also revealed he never had a mobile phone as PM as he wouldn`t know how to use one.