Top US officials say will press China on Iran sanctions

US officials will travel to Japan, S Korea, China to press on Iran sanctions.

Washington: Top US officials on Thursday told lawmakers that they would travel to Japan, South Korea, and China starting next week to press for full implementation of sanctions against Iran.

"China is of concern to us in this regard," Robert Einhorn, the US State Department`s special adviser for non-proliferation and arms control, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Einhorn said he and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes Daniel Glaser would visit China at the "end of August" as part of a push to "raise this at the highest levels”.

Glaser later said he and Einhorn were headed "to Japan and South Korea next week, and China later in the month”.

The diplomat said he would press Chinese officials not to "backfill" -- step up trade or investment in Iran to replace firms from "responsible countries" that leave the Iranian market in the face of broad international sanctions.

"It`s important that China step up and recognise" that it has "responsibilities" as a permanent UN Security Council member to implement the council`s sanctions on Tehran, said Einhorn.