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Tory-Lib Dems alliance has `common agenda`: Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has said it is going to be a difficult year.

London: Vowing to act swiftly to tackle the
UK`s debt mountain, new Prime Minister David Cameron has,
nevertheless, said it is going to be a difficult year in terms
of economy and insisted that his Conservative party has a
"common agenda" with coalition partner Lib Dems on the issue.

"The (ruling) Conservative party is still a low-tax
party, a tax-cutting party - and that`s in the agreement (with
the coalition partner Lib Dems)," Cameron told `The Sun`.

The Conservative chief had come in for heavy criticism
for conceding rise in capital gains tax and National Insurance
for cutting a deal with Nick Clegg`s Left-leaning Liberal
Democrats party. The compromise went against Tory principles.

"Everybody knows we`ve got this huge deficit. Yes, that
involves some tax rises. But those were on the whole already
put down by Labour. And the agreement says the brunt of all
this has to be borne by spending reductions.

"We have to take difficult decisions. And this is going
to be a difficult year in terms of public spending, there is
no doubt about that. It`s a difficult year in terms of the
economy. So I don`t want to set some false timescale," the
Prime Minister said.

While refusing to set a date on when the good times
will roll again, 43-year-old Cameron, the youngest British
Prime Minister in 200 years, said "the sooner we get to grips
with the deficit and the more that we do, the sooner we can
come through this."

Looking back at the nail-biting events that led to his
new post, he admitted being nervous while seeing the Queen and
was shocked at the speed with which he was finally appointed
Prime Minister.

When told that the bookies had given the Tory-Lib Dems
alliance odds of only 13/8 to last more than a year, Cameron
grinned: "Well, that`s a good bet."

He said: "Of course there will be sceptics and doubters
but I believe we can make this work. I wouldn`t be doing it if
I didn`t. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating. The
doubters won`t be proved wrong by words, promises or signed
documents but by the actual evidence of a government governing
effectively. and that`s what we`re prepared to do."

Cameron said he foresaw the coalition`s "new politics" of
consensus growing in strength rather than weakening.

"At the Cabinet meeting today (Thursday), for example,
hearing George Osborne (of Conservative party) and Vince Cable
(of Lib Dems) speak about the economy, it was clear there is a
common agenda we want to pursue."

"All politicians have to be able to do the cut and
thrust of politics - the press release, the sound bite, the
clever attack on your opponent. But actually what motivates
politicians is trying to do good for the public. And this
coalition gives that opportunity to the people involved in it,
in an incredibly positive way," Cameron said.

Answering a question, he said: "What always worried me
about coalition governments is how long it takes to form them.
But we`ve done it very quickly. We had an agreement very fast
- and you can see a certain level of decisiveness already. We
need to keep that up.

"It will be very important not to let decisions drift
just because they are difficult. You have to confront
difficulties and resolve them."

Cameron made it clear that he is the boss and the bucks
stops with him. But he said: "In the end, in a coalition, you
have to do things by agreement. That is the only way to build
up good faith and confidence. To me, politics is all about
public service and doing things. This is the perfect framework
to get things done."


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