Truck smelling of gas abandoned on NY bridge

NYC`s Triborough Bridge was shut down last night after police said a truck, smelling of gas, was found abandoned.

New York: Authorities shut down a major New York City bridge briefly on Wednesday night and sent bomb squad investigators after an abandoned truck was reported, but found no explosives, police said.

Lieutenant Mike Wysokowski said no bomb was found on the truck abandoned on the Robert F Kennedy Bridge, also known as the Triborough Bridge.

The brief scare came just days after a failed bomb attack in Times Square raised fears of a new terror attack on the city, prompting a massive manhunt that led to the arrest of a Pakistani-American suspect.

Officials dispatched the bomb squad after the rental truck was found abandoned on the bridge, which links Manhattan to the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx.

Police said one person was seen leaving the truck on foot, sparking suspicion in the wake of the failed car bomb on a busy street near Times Square on Saturday.

US officials have ratcheted up security in the wake of the botched Times Square bomb plot, amid a growing global probe into a Pakistani-American suspect`s possible links to foreign militant groups.