Turkey allows Kurdish peshmerga fighters to enter Kobane to fight ISIS

Turkey allows Kurdish peshmerga fighters to enter Kobane to fight ISIS

The United States may have dropped a cache of arms and ammunitions as well as medical supplies to support Kurds in fight against the Islamic State in Syria's Kobane, however the Kurds say it will not be enough.

The main Syrian Kurdish armed group defending the Syrian border town on Kobani against Islamic State attackers said on Monday arms air-dropped by the United States would not be enough for it to win the battle, and asked for more support.

Speaking to the Reuters in an interview, Rêdûr Xelîl, official spokesman of the People's protection units (YPG) admitted that the supply of arms will no doubt have a positive impact on their military operations as well as will boost their morale but they hoped for more support.

"Certainly it will not be enough to decide the battle,”Reuters quoted him as saying.

The US military on late Sunday air dropped weapons and medical supplies for Kurds engaged in fierce battle against the Islamic State.

The air dropping of materials is the first such delivery in more than a month of fighting.

U.S. military conducts aerial resupply of Kurdish forces fighting #ISIL near #Kobani, #Syria: http://t.co/MKIIsaOgy8

In another positive development in favour of Kurdish fighters, Turkey which has so far been opposed to helping Kurdish peshmerga fighters due to their close association with PKK (a banned outfit), on Monday allowed them to cross into Kobane to fight the ISIS.

According to a BBC report, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that they did not wish to see Kobane falling to the extremists.

"We are allowing peshmerga forces to cross into Kobane..We have no wish at all to see Kobane fall (to jihadists),"
said Cavusoglu.

It's been more than a month that the ISIS launched a major offensive on Kobane on September 16, and since then more than a lakh have fled the border town, fearing massacre.

Hundreds, including the IS fighters, have been killed in the battle.

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