Two arrested in Canada on terrorism charges

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are likely to arrest more in this case.

Ottawa: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said on Wednesday it had arrested two Ottawa residents for terrorism-related offences and more arrests were likely.

Details of the arrests were to be released today at a press conference.

"At approximately 8:00 this morning, `A` Division`s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team investigators arrested two Ottawa residents in relation to terrorist offences," police said a brief statement.

"Search warrants are being executed in order to secure additional evidence. More arrests are anticipated."

RCMP spokesman Stephane Turgeon said the accusations are "very serious”, and akin to charges laid in a 2006 plot to bomb the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada`s spy agency offices, a military base, Ontario`s power grid and a nuclear station using fertilizer explosives packed in rented trucks.

Public broadcaster CBC, citing police sources, said the latest plot was disrupted during its planning stage.

The last two members of the so-called "Toronto 18" group arrested in 2006 were found guilty in June of terrorism charges.

Nine other members of the group were previously convicted in the conspiracy aimed at provoking a Canadian withdrawal from Afghanistan. Charges were dropped against seven others.

All of them were arrested during a police sting operation in 2006.

Members of the group allegedly sought to purchase three tonnes of the bomb-making ingredient ammonium nitrate from undercover police officers, who had switched it with an inert substance.


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