Two Chinese govt officials sacked in serial bomb blast case

Resident Qian Mingqi is believed to have caused the explosions on May 26.

Beijing: Two officials of China`s ruling
Communist Party were sacked for failing to redress the issues
related to compensation for home demolitions, which reportedly
provoked one of the complainants to set off serial bomb
attacks killing himself and three others.

Two officials of Fuzhou City in east China`s Jiangxi
Province have been sacked after a string of explosions hit the
city`s government buildings late last month, official Xinhua
news agency reported today.

Fu Qing, secretary of Linchuan District`s committee of
the Communist Party of China (CPC), and Xi Dongsen, head of
Linchuan District, were removed from their posts.

Resident Qian Mingqi, who disputed with the local
government over resettlement compensation, is believed to have
caused the explosions on May 26 near the city`s procuratorate
office, the Linchuan district government office and the
district`s food and drug administration.

Qian himself was killed in the explosions as well as
three others, including two guards and an employee of the
district`s bureau of water resources, the spokesman said.

Qian had been demanding for more compensation after
being resettled to make way for a highway in 2002.
The government offered to compensate him at 1.8 times
of the market price at the end of 2010 but he refused.

A local court in Fuzhou was reviewing the case, the
spokesman said.

Li Zhifu, secretary of the Yihuang County committee of
the CPC, was appointed to replace Fu.

Fang Baichun, deputy head of Linchuan District, was
named acting head of the district, the report said.


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