Two Kims inspect NKorea`s secret police agency

Kim Jong-Un and his father Kim Jong-Il inspected the command of the Korean People`s Army Unit 10215.

Seoul: North Korea`s heir apparent Kim
Jong-Un and his father Kim Jong-Il have paid an inspection
visit to the communist state`s secret police agency, official
media said on Tuesday.

Father and son, accompanied by top military leaders,
inspected the command of the Korean People`s Army Unit 10215,
the country`s news agency said.

The unit serves as the North`s secret police agency,
Seoul`s Yonhap news agency said.

Leader Kim "praised the unit for having prepared its
servicemen as fighters strong in ideology by successfully
building entertainment and cultural facilities and dynamically
conducting diverse political work", the North`s news agency

The visit was the latest reported appearance by Kim`s
youngest son since his status as leader-in-waiting was
confirmed at a top ruling party meeting late last month.

The news agency in its report listed the son`s name
third, after his father and the chief of the military general
staff, Ri Yong-Ho.

Yesterday the two Kims attended a mass rally staged in
tribute to the 60-year-old military alliance with China.

They took the reviewing stand at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium
with Colonel General Guo Boxiong, a vice chairman of China`s
Central Military Commission.

The son, along with his father, also attended a meeting
with the high-level Chinese military delegation, state media

China, the North`s sole major ally and its economic prop,
has apparently given its blessing to another dynastic