Two million Bolivians suffer severe hunger: UN

One out of every five Bolivians suffers "severe hunger", said UN`s FAO.

La Paz: Two million Bolivians - one out of every five inhabitants - suffer "severe hunger", the representative of the UN`s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in La Paz said in a statement.

According to Elisa Panades, the number of people suffering from severe food deprivation in this Andean country increased over the last few years, though she said it was by "a low percentage".

"I think measures are being taken. The government (of socialist President Evo Morales) has made a priority of providing food security, and the FAO supports that," Panades said.
She added that in 1992 some 26 percent of the world population suffered from severe hunger, but since then there has been a slight improvement, with the current rate around 23 percent, according to the organisation`s estimate.