Two sentenced to death in china for trafficking in children

A Chinese court in the eastern Fujian Province sentenced two people to death for child trafficking.

Beijing: A Chinese court in the eastern
Fujian Province sentenced two people to death for child

Li Diji and Wu Suiqing were given death sentences by
the Intermediate People`s Court of Quanzhou City in Fujian.

They were also deprived of their political rights for
life and had their personal properties confiscated, according
to a court statement.

The criminal organisation, including the two people
and 11 others, sold 46 abducted male infants aged below one
year to buyers in rural areas in Anxi County and Yongchun
County in Quanzhou from 2007 to 2009, charging 30,000 to
40,000 yuan (USD 4,482 to USD 5,976) per infant, said the

The court convicted Li and Wu of participating in the
abduction and trafficking of 23 and 17 infants, respectively.
Li and Wu, both natives of Anxi County, were born in

The police in Anxi rescued the abducted infants who
came from Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang
Autonomous Region, but have not found their parents.

Eleven of their accomplices received varying sentences
for purchasing abducted infants, trafficking them or
harbouring the traffickers, the statement said.


Haridwar: An outfit of seers today said
the vedict on Ayodhya title suits should be pronounced at the
earliest and should not be deferred further.

The Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti, at its meeting here,
alleged moves were afoot by some parties, including the
Centre, to delay the verdict in view of the Commonwealth Games
in Delhi.

The seers said though the verdict by the Allahabad High
Court would not be the last word on the matter as the losing
party would certainly move the Supreme Court, the judgement
should not be deferred.

A number of sants and seers, including Shankaracharya
Swami Madhvashram of Badrinath Peeth, attended the meeting.
The meeting also decided to take an initiative with
regard to conserving river Ganga, a seer said.