Two `terrorism` related arrests in New York

A sting operation caught them discussing plan to attack a Jewish centre.

New York: Two men have been arrested in New York on suspicion of plotting to attack a synagogue, US media reports said Thursday.

The pair was caught in a sting operation discussing plans to buy guns and grenades with the "aspirational" plan to attack a Jewish house of worship, The New York Times quoted unidentified law enforcement officials as saying.

According to the report, the men will be prosecuted by the Manhattan District Attorney`s office, rather than federal prosecutors, who usually handle terrorism cases.

A spokeswoman for the DA`s office refused to comment but said a statement was expected later.

Reports said the men were of North African descent, but it was not clear whether they were US citizens or not.

New York, which has been targeted by Islamist bombers repeatedly over the last two decades, has been on heightened alert since US commandos killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Bureau Report