Two terrorists killed in raid in Indonesia: Police

Indonesia is struggling with the threat of homegrown Islamist militants.

Poso: Indonesian police said
on Saturday they had killed two armed terrorists who were part of a
group that gunned down two officers last month.

The pair were among four gunmen who opened fire and
killed the officers as they guarded a bank in Palu district in
Central Sulawesi.

"Two suspects were killed in raid at 11:00 am (0830
IST) at Tambaro village in Poso district. They are linked to
the group who shot the policemen in Palu," Poso police chief
Pulung Rohmadianto said.

He said anti-terror police squad Detachment 88 carried
out the raid with paramilitary police and local Poso officers.
"We also confiscated an M-16 and a revolver from the
dead suspects," Rohmadianto said.

The police have previously arrested two suspects from
the terror group and estimated three others linked to the
group were still at large.

The shooting is the latest in a series of recent
terror-related incidents including a Good Friday plot to blow
up a Jakarta church.

Indonesia is struggling to deal with the threat of
homegrown Islamist militants who oppose the country`s secular,
democratic system and want to create a caliphate across much
of Southeast Asia.


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