Tymoshenko defiance plunges Ukraine into uncertainty

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 18:22

Kiev: Ukraine was on Wednesday braced for fresh
political instability after the party of Prime Minister Yulia
Tymoshenko refused to acknowledge her defeat in presidential
elections over alleged violations.

Three days after the pro-Russia Viktor Yanukovych beat
Tymoshenko by a margin of some 3.5 per cent, she has yet to
concede and her party has called for a partial recount.
With politician tensions riding high, thousands of
Yanukovych supporters today rallied for the third day in a row
outside the headquarters of the election commission with the
aim of ensuring the results stood.

Tymoshenko has disappeared from public view since making
a short comment on exit polls after Sunday`s vote, with aides
repeatedly announcing and then cancelling news conferences.

It was now unclear when the usually talkative prime
minister famed for her golden hair braid would reappear.

But aides said the prime minister`s party would allege in
court that substantial regional poll violations had taken
place and could then even question the overall outcome.
The conduct of Sunday`s vote and the campaign that
preceded it have received ringing endorsements from Western
observers and governments who have characterised it as free,
fair and in line with democratic standards.

The foreign ministry of Canada, home to one of the
largest ethnic Ukrainian communities in the world, meanwhile
called for the post-election process to continue in an orderly
fashion and also made no mention of Yanukovych.


First Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 18:22
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