Typhoon Fanabi kills 13 in China, 33 missing

Thirteen people were killed due to floods and landslides caused by Typhoon Fanabi in China.

Beijing: Thirteen people were killed and
33 others went missing due to flooding and landslides caused
by Typhoon Fanabi in China`s Guangdong province.

Thirty four people were injured in the heavy rains
caused by Fanabi, which battered many parts of Guangdong,
state media reported.

A dam at the Xinyi Yinyan Tin Mine, owned by Zijin
Mining Group Co. in Qianbai Township of Xinyi City, collapsed
after being hit by a landslide, leaving five dead, six missing
and seven injured, Xinxi city government officials said.

Landslides and floods also killed three, buried 12 and
left three others missing in Rupingtang Township, Xinhua news
agency reported.

The disasters toppled 346 houses and also caused
losses of 460 million yuan (USD 68.5 million) in Xinyi.

In Yangchun City, flooding is reported to have killed
three, left eight missing and forced the evacuation of 18,930

Shuangjiao Township in Yangchun received 548.5 mm of
rainfall in seven hours yesterday, the maximum rainfall in 58
years, according to authorities. Flood also killed two people
and left five missing in Gaozhou City.

Fanabi is the 11th typhoon to hit China this year.

China suffered heavily this year due to floods and
landslides in which over 2000 people were killed several
hundreds missing.