UAE: Pro-uprising protester will have rights

Hassan Mohammed al-Hammadi was held for outburst in support of Arab uprising.

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2011, 11:23 AM IST

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates says a man arrested for an outburst in a mosque that a rights group says was in support of the Egypt and Tunisia protests has not had his rights taken away.

A statement on the state-run WAM news agency Sunday says Hassan Mohammed al-Hammadi has access to his attorney and family members.

Last week, London-based Amnesty International said he was detained for speaking out in support of the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia during Friday prayers February 04 and was being denied visits.

The UAE said the man violated the "norms" of mosque worship by grabbing the microphone from the imam.

It gave no further details, but the UAE strictly limits public protests.

Bureau Report