UAE tops Arab World `satisfaction`: Poll

Residents in the UAE are the most satisfied with their lives in Arab world.

Dubai: Residents in the UAE are the most satisfied with their lives in the Arab world, even more than those residing in Britain, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong
Kong and Italy, a global survey has revealed.

Around 55 percent of the UAE residents believe they are `thriving` compared to 54 percent in the UK, 44 percent in Germany, 42 percent in France and 37 percent in Italy and Singapore, Gallup`s recently-released global survey data showed.

The UAE was ranked 16th worldwide in terms of resident satisfaction.

In the Arab region, Qatar was ranked second with 53 percent of residents thriving followed by Kuwait at 46 percent, Saudi Arabia at 43 percent and Bahrain at 27 percent.

Gallup classifies respondents` wellbeing as `thriving`, `struggling` and `suffering` depending on how they rate their current and future lives on a ladder scale with steps numbered from 0 to 10.

People are considered thriving if they rate their current lives a 7 or higher and their lives in five years an 8 or higher.

In the unrest hit countries of Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and Morocco, small minorities, one in seven or fewer, are thriving.

Denmark topped the survey with 72 percent of residents expressing satisfaction; Sweden and Canada came in second with 69 percent followed by Australia with 65 percent.

In the second category, 44 percent of UAE residents are struggling compared to 46 percent in Qatar, 52 percent in Kuwait, 53 percent in Saudi Arabia and 64 percent in

Just one percent believe that they are suffering.

Among developed countries, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and Japan all have more struggling residents than the UAE`s 44 percent.