Uganda arrests 360 over riots: Minister

The Red Cross said a second person had died from gunshot wounds.

Kampala: Ugandan authorities said they had arrested 360 people over riots on Friday as police "restored law and order" and the Red Cross said a second person had died from gunshot wounds.

Internal Affairs Minister Kirunda Kivejinja said that the police force "within its constitutional mandate restored law and order" removing road blocks and "disengaging crowds" after riots that left two people dead and scores injured.

He refused to comment on the use of live rounds by security forces, saying that he did not have enough information.

"That one we will have to investigate," he said.

The Ugandan Red Cross said two people died from gunshot wounds and that 120 others are hospitalised around Kampala, around a dozen of them with gunshot wounds.

"Two people have been shot and died," Red Cross spokeswoman Catherine Ntabadde said.

The riots came one day after opposition leader Kizza Besigye was soaked in tear gas and had his car smashed by police, who arrested him for the fourth time this month after he took part in a protest against rising food and fuel prices.

A series of such protests this month have left five people dead.

Some Kampala residents linked Friday`s riots to the treatment meted out to Besigye the previous day, which was retransmitted on television.

"It is because Besigye was handled so badly during the arrest," said Robert Ssekandi, 41, a motorcycle taxi driver in downtown Kampala.

"How can they treat a human being like that? That is why we needed to take action," Ssekandi said.

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