UK: Cameron backs Jerusalem as English national anthem

British Prime Minister David Cameron backs calls that England`s sporting team should have its own anthem.

London: Prime Minister David Cameron has chosen the ``Jerusalem`` hymn as the English anthem for England`s sporting team, backing calls that the team should have its own anthem.

According to The Telegraph, Cameron`s intervention will give a big boost to the campaign for England to have its own sporting anthem for the next football World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

Cameron said he could understand why people felt that England should have their own anthem, as Scotland and Wales do.

Cameron said his own choice would be Jerusalem, the poem by William Blake, which was set to stirring music by Sir Hubert Parry in 1916.

Cameron added that while some see the song as a left-wing rallying cry, because of its reference to the ``dark satanic mills`` of the industrial revolution, he believed it should belong to everyone.

Currently, most England teams prefer to play God Save the Queen, as the country`s footballers did before matches during European Championships in Ukraine. Daniel Hannan, the Conservative Euro-MP, said: "I`m delighted that the Prime Minister wants Jerusalem as an English anthem, ending the anomaly of England and the UK using the same hymn."

Other nominations for the national anthem include Land of Hope and Glory, which is popular among rugby fans.


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