UK paramedics train for Mumbai-style terror attack

Scotland Yard has been warning hotels, financial institutions about the possibility of a Mumbai-style attack in UK.

London: The UK government is training
paramedics for a Mumbai-style terrorist attack, amid earlier
warnings by the Scotland Yard that such a strike was possible
in the country.

National Health Service paramedics are to be given
bulletproof jackets in case they have to help out during a
Mumbai-style terrorist attack.

According to The Sunday Times, ambulance medicas are
being trained to treat battlefield casualties during what the
Home Office calls a "marauding terrorist gun attack".

The volunteer medics are being trained over the next four
years to treat victims of the type of attack launched by
terrorists in Mumbai in 2008.

Scotland Yard has been warning hotels, restaurants and
financial institutions about the possibility of a Mumbai-style
attack in Britain.

In a prolonged shooting and bombing assault, at least 164
people were killed in more than 10 attacks by Islamists on
hotels and restaurants in Mumbai.

The policy was hinted at in a Home Office paper published
in the summer and confirmed for the first time by the
Department of Health this weekend.

"The government has to prepare for the worst, and we also
need to be certain that lessons are learnt from previous
terrorist attacks at home and abroad," it said.

"Where specialist ambulance crews may be asked to
respond to incidents involving firearms, it is necessary that
they receive proper training and are provided with appropriate
personal protective equipment."

The department confirmed that some initial training and
body armour had already been given to small teams of
volunteer ambulance and fire crews in key areas.


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