UK riots: 4 year jail term for Facebook incitement

Judge Nicholas Cooke said the terror caused by the riots was "incalculable".

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2011, 00:11 AM IST

London: A British court on Wednesday sent a stern
warning to thugs using social media to incite riots by
sentencing a man to four years in jail after he admitted
inciting public disorder on Facebook during riots in England.

Jamie Counsel, 25, set up a page called Bring the Riots
to Cardiff, later changed to bring the Riots to Swansea.

The sentence should be a warning that anyone using modern
media to incite riots would face stiff punishment, said the
judge at Cardiff Crown Court.

Judge Nicholas Cooke said the terror caused by the riots
was "incalculable".

The court heard that he created the page on August 9 as
rioting hit London and other cities such as Birmingham and

Daniel Webster, prosecuting, said Counsel`s page had
specified a time and location for the violent disorder to take

Initially, 36 people joined the page, with one writing
about plans to target the House of Fraser store in Cardiff.
A further 35 people joined the page when it was renamed to
refer to Swansea, the BBC reported.

He was arrested on August 10 after concerned members of
the public contacted the police.

A wave of rioting, looting and arson spread from London
to parts of the East and West Midlands, Merseyside, Bristol,
Manchester and Gloucester from August 6 to 9 after a 29-year-
old youth was shot dead by police in Totterham.

Sentencing him to four years, minus 96 days spent on
remand, Cooke told Counsel: "The violent disorder cost vast
sums of money... the terror to the public is incalculable."

The court heard Counsel had previous convictions for
public order offences and criminal damage going back 10 years.

In August 2007 he was part of a gang who attacked two men
in Cardiff city centre.