UK students protest fee hike, attack police van

UK govt announced cuts worth 4 billion pounds to the university sector.

London: Demonstrators attacked a police
van in central London Wednesday as thousands of university and
school children took to the streets across Britain to protest
against major funding cuts that will see their annual fees
rise three times for degree courses.

The David Cameron government recently announced cuts
worth nearly 4 billion pounds to the university sector,
sparking protests from academics and students.

Today, a student mob attacked a police van in central
London as thousands of students and schoolchildren marched
past ministry buildings in Whitehall towards the Houses of

A group of masked young men attacked a police van
parked in the middle of the street in London and covered it
with graffiti.

Later, the mob rocked it from side to side trying to
overturn it, smashed the front windscreen, pulled off the wing
mirrors and jumped on top of its roof.

Some demonstrators hanged an effigy of Lib Dem leader
and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

Similar protests were reported from Bristol,
Sheffield, Bournemouth, Oxford, Cambridge and Cardiff and
Glasgow, among others.

The Conservative party headquarters in London was
attacked during a major demonstration in London earlier this

The students wrote a letter to Clegg a letter today,
reading: "We call on you to withdraw Lib Dem support for
Conservative cuts to our education system, or face the
disappointment and anger of a generation that has been